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As a result, the following steps must be taken: Failure to carry out these actions will severely impair the ability of the Ethics Committee to ensure that all Foundation activity is compliant with its moral standards.

The procedure entails a significant amount of psychic distress for the subject as a result of alternative amnestic techniques.

Given the state of the subject following success of the procedure, this was considered to be an acceptable in the course of development.

The harness is to be fitted with feeds for intravenous drug administration, nutrition provision, and waste disposal.

Recent actions by members of the Overseer Council have given the Board of the Ethics Committee reason to wonder if the current leaders of the Foundation have passed beyond the point of firmness and taken it upon themselves to rule rather than direct.

In the event that SCP-3985 vocalizes more frequently than a total of ten minutes per 24 hours or refers to itself in the first person, Protocol COMMANDMENT NOON is to be executed.

In the event that COMMANDMENT NOON fails to achieve desired results, the Overseer Council is to be immediately notified through secure emergency channels.

Site-262 is to operate permanently at alert level 9.