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Emmanuelle chriqui dating kevin connolly

I’m a little too exotic or I just don’t match the family.

“There’s the Walk of Fame stars along Hollywood Boulevard, I’m looking at Mann’s Chinese Theater, and I’m thinking, ‘Wow, I can’t believe this right now!

’" said Chriqui in an interview with The Daily Beast.

Chriqui then left the Toronto area to move to Vancouver when she was 20, and starred in a series of Canada-based TV series such as Are You Afraid of the Dark? After Vancouver, she briefly moved to Los Angeles, but was completely turned off by the city and escaped to New York.“For some reason I had this really scary vision of L. “When I got there, I refused to go on the freeways. All my fears about what Hollywood was: River Phoenix and the drugs, the craziness. Chriqui soon made friends and has been living there ever since, but still harbors a small-town fear of the West Coast party scene.“I have seen people go down that path [of drugs and alcohol],” said Chriqui.

It was all the things I never wanted to be.” She adds, “Now the irony is that I defend L. “I’ve worked with Edward Furlong, Cameron Douglas—several people who I’ve adored who really, really struggled.

Kevin, 41, agreed, saying: ‘She looks exactly like you.’ Word soon got to Michelle about her lookalike.

I’m very flattered.’ Not a bad comparison, eh Emmanuelle?

This smokin’ lady may have the same tumbling dark locks, olive complexion and brown eyes as Michelle, but she’s actually a totally different person. After taking a look, Emmanuelle visibly gasped and exclaimed: ‘That’s shocking to me.

When Emmanuelle, 37, was shown a picture of Michelle during an interview with Dublin’s 98FM yesterday, she had a super-hilarious reaction.

It was heartbreaking to be so close to these people and love them so much and feel so helpless.

Addiction is a scary thing to watch someone go through.”Following a string of supporting roles in small films, Chriqui caught her big break when she was cast as Sloan Mc Quewick, the gorgeous love interest of Vincent Chase’s best friend/conscience/manager, Eric (Kevin Connolly), on Entourage.

“My career has become divided into ‘before .’” Buzzing around town in her Prius, the 5-foot-3 Montreal native (she’d love to one day do a film in French) says she is only occasionally recognized for her role as Sloan, the love interest of star Kevin Connolly for the last six of the show’s seven seasons.