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Oppa, I really want to meet you once in my lifetime. Among the Korean actors, Song Joong-Ki stands out not just because of his flawless looks but also of his intelligence. Wishing for more films and opportunity to visit your fans here in the Philippines I NEED YOU BACK ON RUNNING MAN.

If you're reading it, Song Joong Ki: you've matured in your acting career, so much! Your determination has made everything you touch turn gold. I see almost all the dramas with you as the main actor and I really admire your work. .....specially all millz and boonz men....superbly talented n shining briliantly in the galaxy of korean..all world cinema!!

it was just to stop people talking about her in connection with her ex.

i've posted somewhere months months ago...SHK is happy with a little younger bf (without proof).... you are very natural actor and I was really empressed when I saw first in the dots show .

Remain humble and thankful you have been blessed with the complete pkg. Looking forward on more projects of yours Joong Ki i hate falling in love with a celebrity but u make my heart beat everytime you smile i think you're one of the mot skilled actors i've ever seen, wish you more and more success because you deserve it .

Well, not as a permenant member lol but if they ever do another adventure episode (like dubai, austrailia etc) it would be so freaking awesome to see the original cast together again ( I was so glad and excited when I found out you have this latest drama right after you finished military service and you never fail your viewers, you are as handsome and smart as ever ...

Fell flat on my face watching the rooftop helicopter scene, when Shijin looks at the actress before entering the helicopter. there will be a way for you to get luck anytime, because you deserve it. Love u song joong ki how can you be so cute so charming so hot wanna meet you saranghae oppa wait for me to marry you my bigboss of heart you are my dream boy and hero of my life you are the bestest actor i have ever seen just love you Big Fan of Korean Dramas viewed on Netflix. Excellent acting, story moves quickly and characters are interesting. I hope that I see you soon here in the philippines. Love you all.:) Recently saw DOTS thanks to Zindagi TV. Descendants of the I loved your acting in descendent of sun. It makes me remember Choclate cream soldier from Arms and the Man by GB Shaw. U are sweet ,cool,amazing,charming,handsome,and cute nd most of all the way u smile.. Now a days I m watching ur show in Hindi language ..... but, no srsly, he's smart, he can act, he can rap, he can sing... Even Captain Yoo still have cute face but he is so manly, cool, mature and sexy.

the whole are world are waiting and lookin forward for DOTS 2. Descendants of the Sun is my favorite drama so far. And your voice whatever iam writing this is the first time not a fb useruser so i hav no idea about these type of things but i had to say something about this serial so i found this crazy about this serial.i didn't know who is sjk but after this serial i like u so much ....i also want to say if i'll get chance in future i'll definitely meet u . :) It's impossible to meet you, but maybe it's possible to greet me on my birthday. Seeing you come back with "Descendants of the Sun" drama made me so proud of you. there's literally nothing he can't do, except for dancing and drawing ;). defs my ideal type Always love all Song Joong Ki do, and Dot S is amazing.

Drama character success goes to writers this is what I believe. He loves his job and he is mature enuf to tell he still need to do lot of work to take credit of being called hallyu star.