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Public profile linkedin not updating

I’d think of this kind of like sending a thank-you note: Neither is likely to be a deciding factor on your candidacy, but both take minimal time and make you look more polished, so it’s hard to find a compelling reason not to do it.

Do your due diligence to get to know the people behind the company, Williams says. Did your hiring manager volunteer at the SPCA in college, like you? You want to build a rapport first before asking for an opportunity," Williams says.

After you've established a connection or sent her an In Mail, inquire about job opportunities, or ask someone to make an introduction so you can learn more about the company.

Similar to our advice for job seekers, keep your profile open and public.

Linked In Premium members will be able to see when recruiters are viewing their profiles, then can click through and see what kind of talent acquisition agencies are targeting them.

However, consider turning on your public profile so others can see when you've viewed their profiles.

Katrina Wright, VP at Ferguson Partners, a global professional services firm specializing in executive search, says a public profile can alert the right people that you're interested in their work.

We've all had jobs that don't align with our ultimate career goals, times when we've chosen to go back to school or even months we needed a sabbatical.

Wright suggests using the summary part of your Linked In profile to explain these gaps. "If you took a year off to travel or tend to a family situation that needed your attention and were not employed during that time, address these gaps," Wright says.

Select what others see when you've viewed their profile and click "your name and headline." In addition to updating all the information on your Linked In profile, make sure you remain as open as possible about your professional past.

According to Linked In Career Expert Nicole Williams, the most common mistake job seekers make on Linked In is not accounting for gaps in their employment histories.

That said, it’s true that the vast majority of applicants for professional jobs these days do have Linked In profiles, and if I notice that someone doesn’t, it does feel a little off.