Start Sifting through online dating profiles

Sifting through online dating profiles

In a gesture of resignation, her parents removed her from the home registry. Police in Hangzhou, China, came across a woman using a fake ID in an Internet cafe.

Cohn’s wife, Martha Weaver, knew him as a man with no family.

She didn’t question his lack of a paper trail due to his professed status as a military draft dodger.

Like a trail of bread crumbs, the litter led them to the tent of a filthy-faced man with an ample beard.

The man greeted his visitors amicably and explained that he was Dr. He dreaded human contact and expressed his intention to relocate now that his location was exposed.

But his two discoverers photographed his identification documents before he faded into nature again.

Later, they shared their photos and Carlos’s story with missing persons associations in Italy and Spain.

Dennis ditched his car, wallet, personal documents, and seemingly life itself.