Start Signale der frau beim flirten

Signale der frau beim flirten

However, the socially imposed performance costs that attend human courtship can be high.

Individuals who are courting should vary the intensity of their signals to suit the level of risk attached to the particular social configuration, and receivers may assess this flexible matching of signal to context as an indicator of the signaler’s broader behavioral flexibility and social intelligence.

Quelle: Covert Sexual Signaling: Human Flirtation and Implications for Other Social Species Here we propose that the explanation for the subtlety of human courtship lies in the potential costs imposed by both intended and unintended receivers of courtship signals, either in the form of damage to social capital or of interference and intervention by third parties.

Abstract: According to signaling theory and a large body of supporting evidence, males across many taxa produce courtship signals that honestly advertise their quality.