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Sushi dating funny jokes

Yes, you absurd bleating hypocritical halfwit, that is what happens when you glory in the murder of your president – a lot of your fellow Americans get very angry about it.

Professor Richard Wiseman, author of “Laugh Lab, the scientific quest for the world’s funniest joke”, says cracker jokes are more about bonding people together than making people laugh.

Indeed I often give him a whack myself if I don't agree with him.

But where I do have an issue is when that criticism crosses the line into open calls for him to be assassinated.

Dataminr reported that in the next two weeks alone, more than 12,000 posts with the words 'assassinate Trump' were made on Twitter.

The threats have carried on coming, many of them far more serious than a Twitter post, with Secret Service working 24/7 to stop myriad plots to attack POTUS.

He seems to turn liberals into gibbering wrecks of blazing fury.

Not a minute of any day goes by without one of them being mortally offended by something. The wild, foot-stomping, shrieking hysteria that greets the President's every utterance and movement is beyond anything I have ever witnessed in global politics.

But Griffin never imagined it could be misinterpreted as a threat of violence against Trump. There is literally no other thought process it could possibly inspire. As outrage grew, and Trump and his family expressed horror over what she'd done, Griffin resorted to the natural modern liberal defence playbook of victimhood; she claimed she was being bullied by old, sexist and misogynist white men.